Making your Guest Room more than a Dumping Ground

Making your Guest Room more than a Dumping Ground

Too often what we optimistically describe as our “Guest Room” is, in fact, a dumping ground.

When you want to sell your property, it’s vital that your guest room looks and feels like a functioning, cohesive part of the villa or apartment. Not an afterthought. It needs to reclaim its identity. Too often, it gets overlooked. So, when furnishing your guest room, what are the necessities?

Read on for a few tips for doing the job that much easier. Once you’ve mastered the essentials, you can add layers to create a welcoming space.

The most significant thing to start with is to remove all unnecessary clutter. It is the opportunity to start packing away or selling things you don’t need. Old suitcases that weigh half your baggage allowance before you even pack? Bin them. That multi gym that never gets used and on which the washing hangs in winter? Sell it. Wardrobe stuffed with clothes you’ll never wear again? You know what to do. Just clutter. And, it photographs as clutter.

Next, as we always recommend, a coat of paint is a good idea to freshen up the walls. The guest room deserves attention, too, even if it’s not someplace you look at often.

Decide whether you want to furnish your guest room as a double or twin room. If there’s already a bed in there, then it has to look in reasonable condition.

“But they’re not buying the furniture”

… we hear you say!

True! However, buyers will make an emotional connection with your property if it looks welcoming and well kept. We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but dated unloved furniture won’t provide the best impression. So, either buy a new bed that can move with you, or revamp the existing one. And, the quickest way of all to update? Hide a multitude of sins with fresh new bedding in a neutral colour. On a twin bed, use a double duvet cover. Likewise, on a double bed, use a king size. It will drape better over and hide mattresses that have seen better days.

Making your Guest Room more than a Dumping Ground | Styling Property Cyprus

Don’t be tempted to go for very bright duvet covers as they are harder to tie in. Stick to neutral and add the colour through accessories.

Then assess what furniture is needed. A chest of drawers is always handy as it can act as extra storage for you. And, the top serves ideally as a display area. Make sure it fits in spatially with your room. And, is not a piece in poor condition that was dragged in from the garage. Remember, you are aiming to create a favourable picture for your potential buyer.
An occasional chair, whether armchair style, or even a wooden village chair is a quick way to add a bit of style or charm to a bedroom. And, are great for placing a cushion or throw on to bring a colour scheme together. Don’t neglect bedside lighting. A pair of neutral, appropriately sized lamps will finish your look. And, may need to be turned on if it’s a rainy viewing day.

Making your Guest Room more than a Dumping Ground | Styling Property Cyprus

Look around and take stock of what you already own. Existing furniture, rugs or artwork may well work as a starting point. But be careful, each item may look good on its own, but pieces need to work together and not look hodgepodge.

So say it to yourself- this room is not a dumping ground!

Limited budget? Do your research. Look online and make price comparisons in shops. And, of course, call us at Styling Property Cyprus if you want a hand! Knowing what will work together is half the battle. It’s what we do.

Don’t let your guest room look like the graveyard where old furniture goes to die!

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