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Only 1 out of 10 buyers can visualise the possibilities your property offers.

You’ve made the decision to sell or rent out your property. Or you’ve just bought your new home. Now you have to start thinking of it as a financial asset which is going to help you realize your dream of moving, providing an income or living your ideal lifestyle.

Today’s buyers and travellers search the internet to look for a potential new home or holiday rental. Well furnished property’s are more inviting and photographs better than an empty or cluttered one.

An emotional decision is made within the first couple of minutes.

Your property will be judged. If they can’t see past the bad lighting, poor layout or clutter then they won’t take the trouble to explore further. Time and effort spent on preparing your property before listing will allow you to reap the benefits of selling at your asking price or increased occupancy at a higher rental rate when you put it on the market.

When we live in our properties, comfort, familiarity and convenience take top priority. We don’t see our spaces in the same way as someone casting their eyes over it for the first time. We become immune to how things appear to someone else. It’s important to take a step back and look. Generally, there are a lot of easy, economical fixes which we as stylists can help with that will create a positive feeling in your property and could be what swings a decision in your favour.

Let the space be seen


What you take out is as important as what you put in. We can help you decide what should stay and what should go. Let’s face it- no one puts decluttering at the top of their to-do list. It’s one of those tasks that we all put on the long finger. This might be a big job so the organisation here is key. Start as early as you can and do a little bit every day. Knowing where to start is half the battle. And, once this task is started, it can be very rewarding. The point is to make a start. Let the space be seen.

It’s a great opportunity to clear out stuff that’s been unused and gathering dust for years. And, it gives you a head start on packing if needed. Imagine. How much better you’ll feel if you’ve managed to sort out all those things! All those things “that you just might need someday” but have never touched. Or, those broken items that you just haven’t got around to repairing.

So take control and do one room at a time. Work your way through it. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed- our help is at hand if you find it too much.

You need to decide what to keep, store, sell, give to charity or dispose of. Whether your property is a jam-packed family home or sparsely furnished holiday rental, decisions will still need to be made on what stays and what goes. Valuables should be kept in a safe place so that nothing gets accidentally misplaced.  Then once the clutter has been sorted, we can help you present it in the best possible light.

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Let the property speak for itself


Ready to get going? Let’s Talk!

It’s important to pack away and store personal items. Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves and their possessions in your property. Renters need to see a space they can relax and enjoy.  Let the property speak for itself.  Your wall of family photos reinforces your life but you really want to appeal to someone else. Artwork should be abstract and neutral and enhance the area rather than detract from it.

Too much furniture makes a room smaller and puts obstacles in the way. Large, heavy pieces absorb light and add unnecessary weight to a space making it seem dull and dark. What worked in colder countries may not suit the climate and lifestyle in Cyprus.

Toning down very bright colours on walls and replacing with neutral hues helps everyone see the space as a whole and creates a much calmer environment with wider appeal. We can advise on colour schemes that will stand the test of time.  It’s not about your personal favourite colour, but what will work for the majority.

Are there mismatched patterns and clashing colours everywhere? Things you’ve inherited and made do with but really need to move on?  How restful are the bedrooms? Or the Living areas? Can furniture be repurposed?

neutralizing your property | Styling Property Cyprus
a warm and welcoming space


Your property is selling a lifestyle. Having a visually warm and welcoming space is the key to this. We design images that create an emotional connection. An empty room is just as off-putting as a cluttered one. A vacant property looks soulless. Even minimal looking rooms have plenty of layers to them. This is where our styling experience is invaluable. Showing customers a great lifestyle equals more profit. Professionally styled properties are inviting and look and feel bigger because the proper layout and design principles help maximize existing space.

It’s easy to overlook factors that may prevent you from receiving offers when selling, or bookings when renting.

Staging and styling can create a new look in any room, often reusing a lot of what is already there.  Whether you want a complete overhaul or your budget doesn’t stretch to replacements, we’ll show you how moving things about to create a new layout, we often take something from one room to use in another, can completely change the look and feel.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to redesign. We can play around with layouts until we find what works for everybody. Changing out colours of soft furnishings can make a huge impact. Tricks of the trade include getting the lighting and floor coverings right and zoning spaces so their function is clear.

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