Neutral Tones of Decoration

Neutral Tones of Decoration

Neutral tones of decoration can have a powerful effect on buyers or renters. You may think it doesn’t matter because they are, after all, either buying the house without the contents or renting and have no say in what goes in there. But what you need to think about is the power of suggestion and making emotional connections

You must try and boost your property in their memory as they will be viewing many other properties besides yours. This doesn’t mean having an unforgettable feature that might stand out for all the wrong reasons. It’s about creating an inviting feeling of warmth, where everything works together to form the whole picture.

There are some easy affordable and neutral things that you can do to get this look.

  • Use plain throws or slipcovers to tone down colour and pattern on sofas and armchairs.
  • Place scatter cushions on sofas and beds to look more luxurious, and go for an odd amount -3 or 5 balances well.
  • Dress bedrooms with fresh white or soft neutral bed linen and bring in interest with accent pillows and cushions.
  • Complementing rugs make a space look cosier, even if it is hot outside, and help to define areas and pull décor together
  • New, neutral coloured, fluffy towels should be placed on bathroom towel holders
  • Choose appropriate non-controversial abstract artwork to take the bare look off walls and create atmosphere. Remove personal Photographs from living and bedroom areas and children’s artwork from kitchen fridges etc.
  • Use mirrors to reflect light in helping to open-up dark spaces like hallways.

Neutral Tones of Decoration | Styling Property Cyprus

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