Varnished Pine, Orange & Brown Overload

Varnished Pine, Orange & Brown Overload… And, why they have to go

You decide to buy an investment rental property to provide an income. So far so good.

Then you decide to furnish it with things you don’t need from your own home (maybe Orange Varnished Pine). Freebies from friends. Bits and pieces you’ve picked up over the years. Amazing bargains you’ve found. And that’s where the trouble begins.

Things aren’t going according to plan. You’ve got a great location but aren’t getting the bookings you thought you would. What’s going wrong?

These days, mismatched, outdated furniture just won’t cut the mustard with discerning tourists. It never photographs well or suggests a dream holiday. Rarely does anyone book accommodation that looks thrown together and to coin a phrase –higgeldy piggeldy. Tourists want it to meet their high expectations. It’s a yearly holiday treat. Much like a dating website, they won’t even click on your listing if it doesn’t appeal. Don’t expect them to pay for something that quite simply is not up to standard. There is a world of difference between “vintage” and “outdated” or “quirky” and “jumbled”. Your investment property is not a dumping ground for old furniture.

Competition is fierce in the holiday rental market. Go online and you will see yourself that you are drawn to photographs that show a light, calm, comfortable, well-designed space. Not Varnished Pine!

You will not be raving over a property that looks, dark, dated, tired, mismatched, sparse or cluttered.  It’s essential to make sure that your listing doesn’t get passed over. You won’t get a second chance when they have second thoughts! Neutrality does not mean dull. Apartments that overwhelmingly look brown, with very dark wooden furniture and soft furnishings don’t scream sunshine holiday.

In order to really make your investment work for you, you have to spend a little to make more. Your property has to look inviting. It’s about what items you choose to put in, not necessarily how much you spend on them.  How do you achieve this?

The Don’ts

  • Avoid dated, heavy furniture- including the stereotypical overly varnished pine wooden pieces we often see here
  • Don’t use overstuffed furniture that is too big for the space, or uncomfortable bulky sofas
  • Steer clear of overly bright, patterned curtains in primary colours
  • Don’t buy mismatched pieces “that will do for now”. This includes bed linen and towels.
  • Don’t use any stained or damaged furniture

The Do’s

  • Look for modern clean lines in furniture pieces and aim for a cohesive look
  • Repurpose furniture with neutral colour paint if it’s something that has to stay
  • Think of scale. Items that are too small look lost. Items that are too big make a room look smaller.
  • Aim for neutral colours in large pieces and add colour through accessories. You don’t want to alienate anyone but appeal to the widest spectrum of people.
  • Consider how a scheme works as a whole.
  • Use artwork and appropriate accessories to complete the look

We know it’s not rocket science. But the days of orange varnished pine furniture and 40 shades of brown have gone.  If you haven’t got a clue and want us to guide you…just give us a call.

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