Decorating with Plants

Decorating with Plants

Want a quick and economical way to add some texture and warmth to a room? Bring in some GREENERY. It can unite the interior and exterior. Not only is decorating with plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also have health benefits. They improve air quality and help reduce toxins in the air for starters. Plants literally add life to your rooms.

Decorating with Plants is a great tool to use as interior décor accessories that bring colour, texture and scale.

They can be big enough to balance a room and warrant their own floor space or small enough to complement open shelving and desk space.  Look around. Got an empty space to fill but don’t need more furniture?  A plant will do the job.

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So what do you need to consider in your plant selection?

The plant has to make sense. It will look totally off balance if the plant touches the ceiling and the rest of your furniture is dwarfed. Or you have one tiny potted plant on its own in the middle of a large space. Proportion is key. So look for varieties that work with your space. Group small plants together to make an impact and use one larger plant to help balance larger furniture pieces. Consider natural lighting when placing plants as they will need it to thrive.

You don’t have to stick with only green.

We love sculptural plants and Orchids are a great go-to for style and brightening up a room. If you struggle to keep plants alive- try Succulents. They need little water or natural light and are very hardy. There are a great variety of shapes and sizes which can look like an art installation when grouped together in different heights. They work with both traditional and contemporary design.

If your thumbs are anything but green…Fake it!

Look for artificial plants that are realistic and not too plastic looking. You may pay a bit more but they will look better than cheaper alternatives which can look tacky. A word of advice- trailing plastic ivy and sunflowers won’t cut it. Look for large leaf plants that have natural fibres around the stems to reinforce authenticity.

Be creative with containers, we love naturally textured baskets. Again think of size. A plant that is in a bigger container generally looks more expensive.

Finally, you can also use framed prints and pictures of greenery to bring the outside in. Leaf prints look great either framed in different sizes, or as pairs hung symmetrically. Look for simple designs with not too much background colour.

So be inspired and go green!


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