Interior Design in a nutshell. Design, Styling and Staging

Interior Design in a nutshell. Design, Styling and Staging.

Interior Design and Styling & Staging…

Surely it can’t be that hard to decorate your own property? It’s just a few cushions, right? But then you look on Pinterest, and other interior design inspired sites. You start collecting beautiful images. Before long you’ve got hundreds, and they haven’t helped you narrow down what style you want. You don’t know what your look is anymore. You just know you like that photograph. The Interior design TV programme you liked isn’t on anymore. You’ve got enough colour samples to open your own DIY shop. But cannot choose the right one. What furniture, artwork and accessories to buy?

There’s more to this Interior Design lark than meets the eye you think.

Lurking in the back of your mind is the idea to ask a professional. Your wallet shrieks NO! They’re too expensive. And, they might choose a design I hate! If this sounds like you, read on and let us help you understand how it works these days.

Interior Design in a nutshell. Design, Styling, Staging | Styling Property Cyprus

Ok. Interior Designers. What do they do?

Everyone understands broadly speaking that they design interiors. But, ask what their actual services are, and no one has a clue. The very words Interior Design, spark images of someone who begins every sentence with the word “Darling” and bounces around excitedly throwing air kisses and mood boards like confetti. And worse, blowing the budget on stuff the client doesn’t need. The domain of the wealthy. Well, it’s true to say that in the past, well known interior designers got paid to stamp their own style on a space. But, today’s Interior Design world has changed a lot to encompass different niches. The client wishes are paramount. It’s more about guiding you than railroading you. Interior Stylists and Interior Stagers also come under the umbrella of the interior. So, what’s the difference?

Interior Design companies may well have in house architects to provide drawing plans for construction, technicians to implement, and even their own contractors to do the building work. They can work on space planning, building, and decor. They can design a space from the plan and see it through to the end result of styling.

An Interior Stylist sounds the same as an Interior Designer. Fair enough. Frequently, interior designers do the job of an interior stylist and vice versa. However, the basis of a stylists job is to concentrate on making an already finished property look a certain way. They don’t get involved in creating the original space or building work. Primarily, they beautify an existing space by editing, adding, sourcing and purchasing pieces. Interior Stylists can change the look of a room without making any structural changes.

An interior Stager is very similar to a stylist, and prepares and dresses a space for an event. Such as getting a property ready for sale or rental. The aim is to secure the highest return for the property owner.

Interior Design in a nutshell. Design, Styling, Staging | Styling Property Cyprus


Staging involves:

  • Assessing the property and presenting a report suggesting any alterations
  • Repositioning existing or new furniture to help the flow
  • Capturing views to emphasize property potential
  • Highlighting uses for odd spaces to enable potential clients to see value in dead space
  • Creating interiors to suit the target market- using furniture, artwork and accessories
  • Working with existing furniture or supplying their own hired furniture and décor to remain for an agreed amount of time whilst the property is on the market.

So now you know. Interior Design, Interior Styling and Interior Staging, often crossover.

But, remember, it’s not property management. Here, at Styling Property Cyprus, we will respond to anyone’s cry for help! We can certainly improve the aesthetics of a property. Whilst we don’t have in-house builders, we do have contractors and tradesmen with whom we work closely should the need arise.

We can’t promise to never call you darling, but we do guarantee that we take on board our clients’ wishes and interpret them to fit the brief. We’ll freely admit we love a good mood board. We will always keep you informed of costs and get approval for spending. So, whether you want a full design or a bit of styling and staging, it’s all more affordable than you think. Our initial consultation is always free. Who doesn’t love something for nothing?

Go on. You deserve it.


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