Mini Home Makeover on a budget [part one]

New Year Mini Home Makeover on a budget – Part One

Give your property a New Year Mini Home Makeover on a budget [Part One]… Whether you are looking to sell or rent out your property or just change up the look, you can give it a mini home makeover on even the tightest of budgets.

There are many cost-effective ways of refreshing your home décor that can add instant impact.  Right at the top of the list is painting.

Right at the top of the list is painting

As stagers and stylists, we are often told by homeowners that they liked a certain colour and chose paint accordingly, but when they painted the wall it didn’t look quite right.  We hear you. So here are a few pointers to get you started. Colours have a temperature. There are warm colours and cool colours. Yellows, reds and oranges are warm colours. They are vibrant and deep and can bring liveliness or cosiness to a room.  Greens, blues and purples are cool colours. They calm spaces and promote a more relaxed feel.

Think about the size of the room when choosing a paint colour. Warm colours in small spaces can make it feel a little claustrophobic or dingy. Cool colours in a big room can make it look stark and uninviting.

Colours are divided into

  • Primary colours – Blue, Yellow and Red. These can’t be made by mixing any other colours
  • Secondary colours – Green, Orange and Purple. These can be made by mixing primary colours
  • Tertiary Colours- Shades that can be made by mixing primary and secondary colours

Once you have decided what colour you like, you can combine it with a neutral colour to make complementary colours.

  • Tinting – lightens a colour by adding white
  • Shading – Darkens a colour by adding black
  • Toning – Darkens a colour by adding grey.

If you’re looking for colour inspiration, think about what colours you generally lean towards. What appeals to your eye? Maybe a colour you wear a lot. Earthy colours, Natural colours, Sea colours. Once you’ve chosen a colour, then you can mix it up with white, black or grey to create light to dark complementary colours. Upholstery and accessories can be worked into the scheme. As a rule, a well-balanced space has a mix of warm and cool tones. So if you have painted using cool tones, style it up with some warmth using natural textures such as wood furniture, copper or brass accessories and natural fibre rugs. If you’ve gone for a warm palette, anchor it with white walls and style with neutral upholstery and accessories.

Don’t forget about natural light as this can change how a colour looks in a room. So look at the paint outside. Paint a little tester patch in each room and view it at different times. A north facing room is better with cream or warmer shades of white rather than pure white so the light doesn’t make it look clinical.

Maybe you can’t stretch either time wise or financially at the moment to refreshing the paint in the whole property. So take the easy option and do just one wall that can become a feature. Complement your colour with the rest of your walls.

Look online for inspiration. Or call us to help you restyle and breathe new life into your property.


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