Mini Home Makeover on a budget [part two]

New Year Mini Home Makeover on a budget – Part Two

Give your property a New Year Mini Home Makeover on a budget [Part Two]… If you’ve taken the plunge and painted your interior walls – well done! So what’s next? It can be fun to redecorate but also expensive.

With any home makeover, there is a big difference between a cheap looking property and a cheaply decorated property.

The first means you’ve cut too many corners. The second means you’ve been savvy and created a good look on a budget.

How can you achieve the look you want? Let’s look at a few pointers to help.

  • Clutter. An important step in any makeover is to remove stuff that is not needed/not working/outdated. Nothing screams uncared for like cluttered surfaces. So bite the bullet and get rid of things that you really don’t need. Store things away that are in good condition if you aren’t using them but still want to keep them.
  • Often buying new furniture isn’t in the budget, but you can you can still make a difference by repurposing what you already have. Look at things with fresh eyes and can see how it can be given a new lease of life. Try sanding down and repainting furniture in fresh neutral colours.
  • If you do want to buy some new pieces, try to avoid having complete sets of furniture, such as bedroom sets as this looks bland and has no personality. Mix and match to look more modern.
  • Moving furniture around is an easy way to refresh a room. Placing the sofa facing a different way, and getting rid of outdated pieces that don’t work can change the whole feel of a room.
  • Change light fittings. Too often they are overlooked. Functional, dull and tacky can be replaced with something that is more size appropriate and looks modern. Tiny lamps never look right.

Add interest to walls with artwork. Size does matter. Too small and it gets lost. So either go for one big piece or create a gallery wall with lots of smaller complimentary pieces together. Try not to go for mass produced canvases that often lack any wow factor and really do cheapen spaces.

  • Think about a style instead of a “theme”. Themed interiors have too much of one thing. We live in Cyprus and love the beach, but a few well-chosen objects of seaside living will work better than a whole houseful which would run the risk of looking like a beach shack. So instead focus on style which encompasses a whole look with colour and texture as well.
  • Plants add colour and depth to a room. Get creative and use unusual pots, baskets and planters as a base. Choosing bigger varieties makes a statement and won’t get lost in a room. If you want to use smaller plants, then cluster several together. Struggle to maintain live plants? Go for the easy option and get artificial ones. Just make sure they look realistic enough.
  • Update your rugs. It needs to be big enough to fit right under furniture. But not look like your room is too full. Too small- it will look cheap and like an island floating in the middle of the room. So Measure the space and go armed before you hit the shops.
  • Invest in new bedding. Mismatched duvets and accessories really date a property. Get some fresh neutral bedding and add interest and colour with throw cushions-doesn’t have to be expensive.

So now you can get started.  And if it’s all too much, call us and we’ll help. Look out for our next blog on decorating with plants.

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