Using Art in your Décor

Using Art in your Décor

Let’s face it blank walls really won’t inspire anyone. Every property needs a bit of interest on the walls. Styling professionals and interior designers know that using art is an instant way of adding colour, pattern and interest.

Using art can enhance your real estate marketing photos and add that wow factor. It makes a space look inhabited and loved.

It’s not about how much you spend on art either. Simple mounted flat baskets can look as effective as pricey artwork. It can pull a whole look together and add that finishing touch to space. When looking to sell or rent your property, it’s important to remember that you need to choose artwork that appeals to the broadest spectrum of people. Abstract paintings work best as they are neutral, and don’t distract or offend anyone! Inappropriate art is a major turn off for buyers and renters who can’t see past it. It’s amazing what will stick in someone’s head for the wrong reason!

Here are some guidelines

  • Artwork doesn’t just belong in the living area. Bring dining rooms and bedrooms alive with a great picture.
  • Remember scale. A large expanse of wall with a tiny picture in the centre won’t work. In a large space, hang a large piece. Keep small pictures for smaller spaces.
  • Use two picture hooks to distribute weight and keep a picture level.
  • If possible get someone to help you. It’s always handy for one to stand back and look if the placement is right, whilst the other holds it.
  • If using more than one picture, don’t hang them too far apart. About 2 inches apart or above/below is a good guide.

The benefits of using art in your Décor | Styling Property Cyprus

So now we need to think about how artwork should be hung.

As a rule, the centre of the piece (or grouping if there’s more than one), should be at eye level. But not everyone’s eye level is the same right? As a quick guide, this is about 60 -65 inches from the ground. And, there are a couple more things that should be considered. You need to think about the purpose of the room. For instance, in a hall or stairway, ceilings may be higher, people are standing, so you can hang a bit higher. In rooms where people are usually seated,  (dining room, office) you can hang a bit lower as eye level is lower.

When placing art over a sofa or sideboard in a living area, pictures should be about 6-12 inches above the furniture for comfortable viewing. Sometimes you need to cover up something, so get somebody to hold the picture for you and see if it works first before you make holes in the wall.

If there is no natural focal point in your room, you can create one with good artwork. It can help to draw the eye away from negatives that you don’t want viewers eyes to linger on.

As we’ve mentioned before- try to avoid mass-produced art as it often looks cheap and lacks personality. Unsure of what to choose? Collections of nicely framed black and white photos which most people can manage to take themselves, look great grouped together. Just avoid family photos if you are trying to sell your property. Buyers do not react well to spaces that have lots of personal photos in them. It reinforces that this is your home- not theirs. Earthy and natural toned abstract canvasses always look good. Collections of mirrors of similar sizes hung together can bring light into a room and make it look bigger.

So go ahead and give your spaces a new lease of life. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

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