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Producing top-quality photography services that showcase your holiday rental property is not a point and click Polaroid moment. It is an art.

When your images are the world’s window into your property, you want to show the best possible version of it. Imagine being caught on camera dressed in your finest or lying on the sofa surrounded by chocolate wrappers and crisp packets.

Which would you prefer? (we have all been there…) we all want to be presented in the best light. It’s the same for your property. Hosts that use our photography services tend to earn more than other hosts in the area.

A professional design eye will know what will work well in a photo. What looks perfectly fine in real life, may not be what looks good in a photograph.

There is a difference. It is not just about shooting what is in front of you.

There is an art in capturing the detail. In knowing what pulls a room together in an image. Working with the best lighting conditions and what items should be in the foreground and those that should retreat. Arranging furniture to maximize the best features in a room by highlighting their positive attributes and placing emphasis on them in the photographs.

No matter the size, or style of your property, we know what guests are looking for. Photos are the top deciding factor when visitors choose where to book.

Your mobile phone or laptop, even with all its new editing features and filters cannot tell you what is missing to create a great picture. It will not say your composition is wrong. It cannot advise that your property looks boring when not using the appropriate styling props or distributing your furniture and accessories differently.

But, thankfully our Photography Services can.

Photography Services from Styling Property Cyprus
Let the Space Stand Out!

We will transform your listing…

Transforming your listing, so it stands out to guests. We will bring out the best in what you are offering. We bring hours and hours of paying attention to these minor details and to the endless study of what makes individual listings work; when others fall at the first hurdle. 

We have a lot of experience in styling and décor and photographing the results. The good news is you can reap the reward of years of hard work in just a few hours. We are not talking about changing all your furniture and accessories. We’ll use what you have. We cannot produce photographs showing furniture and accessories that will not be in the property when your guests arrive. However relax, you do not need to spend a fortune. We work our magic by breathing life into what you already own. And we enhance it with a few of our own well-chosen stock accessories.

It is the same room – just better.

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Our photography services include

Our Job…

Ready to get going? Let’s Talk!

Our prices depend on the size of the property we need to shoot. We do not charge by the hour as we will take as long as necessary to capture the right images for you. On the day, you will not be required to be there.

Photography Services Prices:

  • Studio 90.00
  • 1 bedroom 100.00
  • 2 bedrooms 130.00
  • 3 bedrooms 150.00
  • 4 bedrooms 170.00
  • 5 bedrooms 200.00

Prices are within the Paphos region and may vary slightly for properties with large terraces/balconies and pools.

  • A walk through your property where we may make recommendations for the preparation of the photoshoot.
  • Take photos of the interior and exterior; including the neighbourhood. This will provide guests with the full flavour of staying at your property. Capturing unusual characteristics to showcase your property. And highlighting any accessibility features that would give peace of mind to those guests of limited mobility.
  • We do guarantee that our photography services remain a true reflection of the property. We do not make spaces seem more significant or appear much brighter than they are. Therefore, we only shoot during daylight hours.
  • We will style the areas, using what you already have in the property. However, there may be a requirement to provide some lifestyle accessories for styling, that will help elevate the space. But these will be discussed as an option during the initial walkthrough.
  • We provide three sets of photographs for each room/area. Mainly landscape photographs, but we do have some new solutions for small spaces such as bathrooms or shower rooms.
  • All photographs are edited and sent to you online.
Photography Services from Styling Property Cyprus

Our job is to make your property look its best and to attract online viewings. Your job is to stand back and be amazed!

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