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Preparing & Styling your Property

What is home staging?

It’s about your property wearing its best outfit

We tackle how to make your property work hard for you. And, help you to get the best possible deal you can.  We don’t wave a wand. However, it can seem like magic when we transform living spaces into welcoming rooms with oomph!  It’s about mixing and repurposing what you already own with some newer pieces. Whether we purchase on your behalf or, you use pieces from our stock. We reposition furniture to create the best flow. And, a layout which helps to optimize positive aspects and minimize the negatives of your property. Or if you want to start afresh we can provide styling advice, shop and install for you.

Whether it’s a large staging job or a small one, Home Staging pays off. And, results in quicker sales and rentals.

Our fresh contemporary design allows potential buyers to see themselves living in your home. Outdated features don’t sell.  We optimize potential and showcase the best selling points.

Styling for Sale [before] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for Sale [AFTER] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for Sale [before] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for Sale [AFTER] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for Sale

Light, Bright and Airy.

You may be competing with more modern properties. Or, new builds in your area. So, you need your property to stand out online and appeal to today’s market. Light, bright and airy with pops of colour look great in photos. They will encourage prospective buyers to explore your listing further. Rooms that flow cohesively create a great story. And, sell the lifestyle. The first rule to remember is that how we live in a property is not how we sell it.

You must detach yourself from your favourite colours and style. Consider what would appeal to the majority of people.

For instance, dark colours in the dining room may create a cosy eating experience for day to day living. However, in your marketing, these photos can look gloomy. Ultimately making the room appear dull and much smaller than it really is. Opening-up areas is key to presenting a welcoming picture and putting the soul into your sale.

Simply removing personal photographs and knick-knacks and replacing with tonal abstract art can pull a whole room together.

Styling for Rental [before] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for Rental [AFTER] | Styling Property Cyprus
Staging Styled for Rent - Before | Styling Property Cyprus
Staging Styled for Rent - Before | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling for short term rental

Look inviting and welcoming

You are the General Manager of your own small hotel. It should be shown in the best possible light. It needs to look inviting and welcoming. And, it must offer an experience to anyone looking to book for a short stay or holiday.

Ask yourself this. Would you want to stay there? Does it look comfortable and relaxing?

Well if you haven’t ticked-off some of those boxes don’t worry! The solution is to appeal to the senses. We never underestimate the power of love at first sight!  Grouping pieces of furniture into appealing arrangements called “vignettes” creates an emotional connection and allows people to picture themselves there.  Placing interesting artwork on walls and attractive accessories on surfaces and shelving; lead the eye. And, they bring attention to the areas you want to emphasize.

There’s nothing random in how we do this. We use styling design principles that work. Things like grouping accessories in odd numbers (strange but true) and combining functional and attractive pieces that speak for themselves.

Styling to Stay [before] | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling to Stay [AFTER] | Styling Property Cyprus
Staging Styled to Stay - Before | Styling Property Cyprus
Staging Styled to Stay - After | Styling Property Cyprus
Styling to Stay

You love your home

You love your home but realise it could to with a bit of a revamp.  Whoever said “Change is as good as a rest” knew what they were talking about. Sometimes we all need a bit of revitalisation in our lives.

That paint colour needs changing but there are too many choices out there and you don’t know where to start.  The colours can look great in the shop but then you get them home and they just look wrong. We know that it’s a good idea to paint a small sample on different walls to check the colour with the changing light throughout the day.

We know what colours make a room look bigger. Or colours that are great at minimizing imperfections.

Flicking through magazines provides a lot of inspiration. However, where can you get those items in Cyprus?  We use our stock or source furniture for a budget that will work for you. No expensive mistakes! And, we will help you freshen-up the look so that you can enjoy living there for years to come. It is like seeing an old friend with a brand new look. It is them but, looking better than you’ve seen them in years!

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Styling to Stay

We feel so differently now about our property

We bought our property originally as a business investment but when Styling Property Cyprus redesigned it, they made it so welcoming and we loved it so much we plan to live in it ourselves.

Related Services:

Free Initial Consultation – We will provide a free consultation and transform one room on-the-spot using our own stock. We’ll be able to show you the impact of professional styling and staging.

Written Report – After an initial consultation, we will provide a written step-by-step report. Including photographs that will highlight what we have discussed. And, we’ll plan a way forward with you. You choose what level of our services will best suit your needs.

Marketing Material  – We provide you with professional quality marketing photos and videos. These will undoubtedly enhance your listing. Whether you are selling or, looking to rent your property through a real estate agent. Or even on independent booking sites.

Decluttering and Organizational Service – We can provide hands-on help to get you started

Viewing Checklist  – After styling, we offer an after service Real Estate checklist. You can consult it at any time to remind you of what you need to do prior to any property viewings.

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