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About the Project

Coast Taverna had a good run in its previous life. Yianni & Lucie decided that it was time for a new identity and asked us to help rebrand it.

They wanted to move away from the taverna tag and play more with the idea of café culture. And, so it became Coast Café & Lounge.

We gladly took on the job as we knew our clients well, the premises, the fabulous location and the incredible potential it offered. After brainstorming sessions and endless cups of some of the best lattes in town (thank you Galina), we nailed down the brief for Coast Café & Lounge.

This included creating a new logo as well as revamping the interior.

Coast Café & Lounge in Argaka | Styling Property Cyprus
New Logo by Styling Property Cyprus

The vision was for a relaxing, lounging space with big sofas and comfortable chairs. An extension of a home, where you could sit, gaze at the sea, read a book, watch the fire, play dominoes or while away some time just chatting with friends. A mix between a café, bar and lounge. Drink coffee, tea, wine or gin. Enjoy a leisurely light lunch or afternoon tea. A place where everyone could feel welcome and which would contribute to the community.

Well, that was just our cup of tea!

What did we do?

So, ambience agreed and mood boards signed off, we set to it. Sourcing big comfortable sofas and eclectic combinations of coffee tables and chairs saw us chasing around the island in the trusty Nissan Navarro. We were mindful of the budget. Who needs a gym when you’re heaving sofas around?

Making this look work was about putting the right scale of furniture in place.

Although all pieces came from different locations, using complementary colours, textures and styles pulled it all together. In the front seating area, an amazing worn brown leather chesterfield provides cosy ruggedness. And, contrasts well with the pop of bright green in another 3 seater sofa. A mix of rattan, wood and interestingly patterned textiles wove the scheme together.

We decided to bring the greens of nature into the interior as a change from its previous blue coastal style. A fresh palm leaf print wallpaper with muted hues fit the bill. We paired this with wooden baton panelling on the lower walls to add depth. This was painted a clean white to tone with the wallpaper and keep the spacious feel. The new Coast Café & Lounge began to take shape. What next?

We risked life and limb to reach the upper walls to create swathes of greenery in echoes of living walls. Using artificial plants was a more practical option in this area. To make this look work, you really do have to pack the wall space. More is more. 

Creating cosy seating areas to unify the two sections of Coast Café was important.

Seating arrangements varied. From tables for two where you could watch the waves (a de-stress solution if ever we saw); to grouping round deep sofas to accommodate more people. 

Moveable wooden screens provide a degree of privacy when the gossip just can’t be shared! The rear interior area has been designed with grouping round the fire in mind. Soft, squishy furniture and velvet cushions bring warmth. Keeping Pendant lighting the same throughout the sections provides continuity and links spaces.

The finished look combines worn leather, greenery, fresh white and splashes of black. 

The new logo features fresh graphic greenery and bold, simple font that mirrors the design aesthetic in the interior.


A home away from home. Light lunches, afternoon tea, coffee and cakes, a glass of cold wine or a fresh Gin & Tonic watching the waves at Coast Café and Lounge. Don’t mind if we do.

And, of course, achieving what is always our primary goal. Not just meeting, but going beyond client expectations. 

Cheers, all round.

The Transformation

Before. And, After!

Designers Ruth Bainbridge & Marion Lacey
Styling For Business
Photography Ruth Bainbridge
Decorator Ruth & Marion

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