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About the Project

Our clients already manage a successful coastal bar in Argaka. Now, they wanted to invest in developing its beachside potential for locals and tourists alike. And, they had some ideas and enlisted us to interpret them. And, to breathe life into their vision.

We want a relaxing, beachy, casual vibe that can transition from day into night. Somewhere you can chill with coffee or dine and let the sound of the waves envelop you. Or, sip a cocktail and watch the last orange rays of the sun sink slowly into the sea.

We were hooked. There and then. Our office became a stunning stretch of shoreline on the west Paphos coast. A considerate design was needed. Something sympathetic for this naturally beautiful location, allowing it to keep its identity. Our brief was to advance and to modernize the current appearance while retaining the rustic feel of sand and sea. And, operating within parameters set by the local council. That expected no concreting, no permanent or immovable fixtures and definite opinions on what should be visible from the roadside. Mission Accepted!

What Did We Do?

Different floor levels had to function for various purposes in the new beachside area and this had to be our first consideration. Sunbeds and umbrellas already catered for the daytime beachgoers on the lowest level. Ultimately, we needed to create a contemporary platform to replace the eroding bank. And, to accommodate a separate and informal seating area directly looking out to sea. Raised-up from the beach, but lower than the dining level. We constructed a purpose-built retaining wall that provided a stable base for the stylish Gabion lounge seating. Fit for purpose, robust, outdoor fabrics gave a bright splash of summer colour on the comfortable seat cushions. The double gabion seat on a wooden base feels like you’re in a cocoon. You can still feel the sand in your toes while adding a small degree of separation. Honey toned timbers adapted as tables.

Sunset seekers own a slice of paradise in Argaka!

On the upper level, our clients needed a dedicated ‘eating space’ that was both shady and restful on hot summer days. And, which could serve equally as casual beachfront dining in the evening.

Importantly, we had to ensure to maintain a desirable view for loyal customers using the main premises on the other side of the road. We achieved this using sails that provide shade and preserve the look.

Retaining modern chairs in a neutral colour, and mixing them with the teak tables and sun-bleached wooden rockers, continued this natural theme.

Giving the palm trees a haircut enhanced their natural beauty. And, gave us the leaves we needed for the roof of the cubicles. These were then painted and clad in woven reed panels with bamboo.

Tactile wooden poles with natural rope zoned off various seating areas. Gabion planters and benches were positioned in the upper dining area to add a sensory layer, extra seating and a dollop of colour. Strategically placed lighting highlighted palms and the potted bamboo marks out the entrance.


A beachside space that cohabits peacefully with its environment. A place in Argaka where you can thoroughly relax and unwind from morning through to nightfall.

Excellent, said our client.

Mission Accomplished!

The Transformation

Before. And, After!

Designers Ruth Bainbridge & Marion Lacey
Styling For Business
Photography Ruth Bainbridge
Decorator Ruth & Marion

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