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Styling to Stay

About the Project

Our clients live in a spacious, one-storey villa in Latchi. Their existing furniture was perfectly serviceable, but after 4 years they just felt like changing things up a bit. The first step had been taken, and all walls had been given a clean, fresh look with a slick of white paint. They had ideas bubbling around in their head but weren’t sure where to start. They were drawn to a photograph of an outdoor area that we had styled for another client.  After a consultation, we homed in on the fact it was the “coastal vibe” that was the attraction for them.  So, once we had a clear idea of the direction they wanted to go in, it was full steam ahead. The bones were good.

“Give our home a new outfit – And it needs to be quite quick.”

our clients said

Well, we don’t need to be told twice.


What did we do in Latchi?

Our clients had based their original furnishing choices on the strength of one dominating colour. All soft furnishings and accessories were then selected to match that colour.  We wanted to show them how you can still take one colour, but use varying tones of that colour, with different textures and contrasts to add depth, comfort and create more cohesive living areas.

All the big furniture items were beautiful and needed to stay. We convinced our clients that they didn’t need curtains as they already had shutters and roller blinds that looked great. At first, they thought it might look bare, but got used to the look very quickly and agreed it was the right decision. This is something we recommend. Live with a change for a week or so if you are unsure and see how you feel. It’s fascinating how quickly you will get used to a different look.

We added pattern and texture with throws and cushions. Using modern artwork and plant stands at different levels keeps the eye moving and balances the room. Rugs were neutralized to become a backdrop rather than a defining feature and unite the lounge and dining areas.

Once we had helped our clients to clarify the Latchi living style they were looking for, there was no stopping them. They now had the confidence to go out and look for other accessories that would suit their home.

The exterior just needed some small tweaks to become the space they wanted. The addition of outdoor canvases and cushions were all that was required to make it the extra room they were looking for and frame the lovely pool area.

The Result

Our clients love the new look of their villa in Latchi.

“We knew what we wanted to achieve but thanks to Styling Property Cyprus we also know how to go about it now without making costly mistakes.”

We say – “A change is as good as a rest”. Happy relaxing!

The Transformation

Before. And, After!

Designers Ruth Bainbridge & Marion Lacey
Styling to Stay
Photography Ruth Bainbridge
Decorator Phillip Teklos

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