In Paphos

Styling for Rental

About the Project

We were asked by these clients to help them furnish and style their newly purchased villa from scratch.

They gave us a budget and it was out with the old and in with the new. The clients knew what look they wanted to achieve to appeal to the holiday let market.

Furniture needed to be sturdy and functional but still pleasing to the eye. We interpreted their ideas and came up with a bright contemporary scheme that photographed well and is currently enjoying great success on holiday rental websites.

What did we do?

We showed how the space could be used. It needed to appear luxurious- not sparse and uncomfortable. If it looks expensive it will command a better rental price. And remember, your property should not be themed. Styles that are too specific don’t work. Too much furniture combined with small-scale accessories close in a space. It feels smaller. Fussy décor looks like clutter- so keep it simple.

We used lighter build furniture with clean lines to open up the living room giving the impression of more space.

You’re welcome.

The Transformation

Before. And, After!

Designers Ruth Bainbridge & Marion Lacey
Styling For Rental
Photography Ruth Bainbridge
Decorator Phillip Teklos

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