In Polis Chrysochous

Styling for Business

About the Project

Polis Chrysochous is home to a wonderfully eclectic, bijou wool and craft shop.

New owners, Jackie and Malcolm Adams wanted to stamp their own identity on it.

They had inherited a business with all the characteristics of a traditional haberdashery shop in Polis Chrysochous. But, it was stuck in a bit of a time warp. It was charming yet lacked a defined style. Gloomy furnishings in dark wood-stain, lack of storage and haphazard display spaces were the main issues.

Jackie wanted to make this a happy, fun and colourful place.

Somewhere, customers would want to stay and browse. A space that was contemporary, yet not overly modern. Somewhere that retained its crafty look but wasn’t too homespun. And, importantly, a shop that made her happy to walk into each morning.

Bringing a smile to people’s faces. We love doing that.

What did we do?

It was necessary initially to take stock of all the different products. What needed to be on display? What could be stored? We had to consider function and flow. As in all retail spaces, and especially smaller sized ones, customers need to be able to move freely around without obstacles or safety hazards.

We brainstormed ideas and had sleepless nights on both sides. Finally, we agreed on a plan and presented a digital mood board that addressed all the major space concerns. Jackie and Malcolm could now see how it was shaping up. They worked hard with friends on hand, sorting stock and clearing the decks to give us a blank canvas to work with.

Some larger fixtures had to remain, so brightening them up was a priority. Instantly the premises looked fresher and more generous. Then it was on with our design. Just as we were motoring ahead, we were all thrown a curveball in the form of Covid-19 and Lockdown. The project ground to a halt. All was not lost though, as it gave us time to refine some initial ideas not to mention catch up on work in our homes that we never had time to do!

Where there’s a wool there’s a way!

Once we were allowed to resume, it was all hands on deck. We added splashes of a vibrant turquoise to inject warmth and reflect the colourful wool and threads. Space-saving and display ideas had a high priority. We used wall space as much as possible and added texture through woven baskets and wood. The beauty of this space was a license to mix and match. Colour upon colour, yet keeping an underlying base that connected all elements. Visuals were paramount here and the window display needed to attract foot traffic too.

And then, onto the bit we love. Fluffing on a scale not seen since primary school painting. In the absence of our beloved cushions, we had wool, ribbon, thread, beads. Bliss.

The Result?

Jackie’s smile said it all. As she took in the new look of her little Emporium, she said she felt so happy just walking through the door. Welcome to the house of fun.

Wool&Whatknot was reborn in Polis Chrysochous.
A ray of sunshine indoors.

The Transformation

Before. And, After!

Designers Ruth Bainbridge & Marion Lacey
Styling For Business
Photography Ruth Bainbridge
Decorator Ruth & Marion

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