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flow and function

Proper Layout

For the best in Property Potential, every space needs flow and function.

Furniture and accessories placed in the right positions can work wonders for the appearance of a room.  The scale is important too. Too small and they will be lost. Too big and they dominate. Online photographs need the furniture to be placed in optimum ways that work harder for your marketing.  This is not necessarily how it would be used daily. However, we know how to create this style so that your rooms look great on your listing. Thereby increasing your property potential.

We have plenty of practical information and tips to help you too. For instance, rooms need to speak for themselves, yet still remain part of the whole. It’s better to unify rooms with one or toning colours. By doing this, the eye is led continuously around the entire interior.

If adjoining rooms are painted in colours that do not harmonise well, they make the eye stop. And,  spaces appear much smaller.

Sofas squashed right-up against a wall do not give the impression of more floor space. They should instead be placed to create cosy conversational areas yet still be able to move freely around.  Coffee tables should be easy to reach from the sofa. Curtains and blinds together are too much. This type of window dressing and can absorb too much light.

Potential buyers and prospective renters place a lot of emphasis on Kitchens and bathrooms. For your listing, these need to look pristine. Clearing kitchen countertops of lots of day to day equipment and storing it away is a must. White goods need to be positioned properly. Bathrooms should have enough storage to hide away necessities of daily living and impart a calm spa-like atmosphere.

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feels right

Balancing Space

A well-balanced space looks pleasing to the eye and feels right. It needs focal points to attract the eye. But, not so much that one space overpowers another. Everything should work well together and fit together seamlessly. The furniture should fit the room and enhance it, rather than detract from its proportions. Wall colour should be a backdrop that works with your furniture rather than competing with it or, overpowering it.

Balance is important in all elements of the room from furniture to colour and texture.

You want your property to strike the right chord. Have you ever had that feeling when you look at a room and it looks disordered and awkward?  You know it’s not right but you don’t know how to fix it.  Nothing works.

Balance in styling takes different forms and enhances your property potential.

  • Formal – which is more symmetrical and works by putting matching pieces opposite each other.
  • Informal – which is asymmetrical and involves putting unmatching furniture but which has the same weight visually on opposite sides of a focal point.
  • Radial – where things are arranged around a central point.

It may seem daunting, but it’s easy when you know how…

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